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Kenidra Woods

Cheetah MovementSt. Louis, MissouriStory by Kenidra Woods

Hey, I’m Kenidra Woods. I’m not just any “ordinary” girl, more like extraordinary. I feel way ahead of my time, like I’ve seen this all before but with a remarkable ending. While going through this journey I am growing much more wiser, mature, and insightful. Ya know us girls mature faster than boys anyways, right? Lol. As a young girl we never imagine life being hard and we really see no wrong in the ones who loves us. You just never know or ask for what happens to you. Well, I certainly didn’t ask nor would I have ever imagined being sexually abused starting at 8 yrs old and it went on for about two years by the two men in my life that were supposed to protect me. Feeling resentful, ashamed, and worthless, I started to harm myself in any way I possibly could to make myself feel better about what happened to me. After several suicide attempts, I was in and out of the hospital. One day, I just told myself I don’t want to live like this anymore. I needed a plan, a different way to release what I was feeling. That’s when I started my movement, CHEETAH (confidence, harmony, enlightenment, encouragement, tranquility, awareness, and hope) Movement for self-harm and suicide prevention- to let individuals know that they are beautiful even through their battle wounds inside and out. Whether it’s a scar inside or out, every scar symbolizes strength and builds each and every one of our characters daily. Ever since then I believe in my heart that…

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