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Sienna Vratimos

SuperheroDaly City, CAPhotography by Wendy HortonStory by Lauri Levenfeld
Retail by Little Rags and Riches & Airfish

When photographer Wendy Horton brought Sienna Vratimos to my attention, I was blown away by the presence, the strength and the love of this little girl. At five years old, Sienna’s non-verbal autism has challenged her life in many ways, yet has never defined her. Through the support of her loving mom Karyn, the Vratimos’ family and her therapists created a dedicated blog to share her story, to sharpen her toolset, and to help others through insight and resources. Karyn’s photo booth has given Sienna a celebratory platform to connect and communicate with others, while giving its readership the opportunity to witness the incredible internal light radiating from one deeply determined and passionate child. For Karyn and her daughter Sienna, this is a journey of love, two best friends, and a community learning to see life a little differently and taking a cue from a new Superhero on how to live life to the fullest.


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