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Laura Smith Blair

ArtistTiburon, CAStory & Photos by Lauri Levenfeld

For Laura Smith Blair art has become a voice for her vision and a vision for her voice. From a very early age, LSB found her passion in painting and as a means for expressing her deepest concerns, fears and revelations about society, the environment, and the world around her. In her ongoing series “Nature Interrupted”, Laura intersects the abstract with a heightened sense of realism conveying her confusion and feelings of disruption in reconstructed views of the California Landscape. And through Laura’s latest obsession with bees, LSB creates “warrior-like” hexagonal shields to symbolize the unity and order in nature via the masterpieces of these small, yet critical creatures. A reminder to us all that when we impact nature, our lives are directly impacted. We all need to stand up as warriors to defend what’s ultimately good and life-sustaining. 

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Anngi Sieger

Anngi Sieger Strick

Jewelry Designer

On the very stressful, painful, and joyous week of a dear friend’s healing from a double mastectomy (thankfully, her test came back and her nodes are negative!), I wanted to share the amazing story of another close friend and client Anngi Sieger Strick who 3 years ago was diagnosed with Stage III colon cancer. Anngi… a mother, a wife, a jewelry designer, an artist,a traveler, a health fanatic, friend, a happy and blessed woman, AND a survivor… chronicles the journey of her diagnosis and her uphill battle back as a survivor. When I read Anngi’s story, I was in tears. Her words filled me with horror, hope, inspiration, sadness, and love. It is unthinkable and unimaginable to picture oneself in Anngi’s situation and shoes, and yet, 1 out of 8 women will be touched in some way by cancer at some time in their life. Thankfully, we have beautiful and courageous SUPER-women like Anngi to share their experiences and pass on their stories so we can hold on to them. This is Anngi’s story…


I’m Anngi…“I am sorry….but it’s cancer.” Anyone who has ever heard that 6-letter word spoken to them will remember the exact day, time, and place. Confusion, fear and shock poured into my soul. I couldn’t feel my body anymore and my head weighed 50 pounds. Within a second my world as I knew it, changed. Changed forever. I would never, ever be the same person after September 17, 2010. Everything the doctor said to me after the “C” word sounded like the teachers on the Peanuts cartoons, “WA WA WA WA WAAAA….” I couldn’t hear words anymore—only noise.

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