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Natalie Hampton

Sit With UsLos Angeles, CAStory & Photography by Lauri LevenfeldStyling by Grace Wethor
Makeup & Hair by Stephanie Baker

Natalie Hampton was a creative and inspired kid, always social and ready for the next party or fun celebration. That was until Middle School, when Natalie was bullied online and in real life. The teasing and torture became scary when Hampton was physically attacked and had to change schools for safety. Hampton decided it was time to stand up and do something, to take the power away from these bullies and claim it back for herself and anyone who has ever gone through a similar story. Natalie created an app, Sit With Us, where no one is left alone at lunchtime to build back a community of love and kindness, where no one is alone and there is a place for everyone. Natalie has been awarded many times over for her courage in saying no. No to bullies, one lunch at a time.  


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