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Kat Smith

Writer & Founder of Everything She KnowsSan Francisco, CAStory and Photos by Lauri Levenfeld

I absolutely love featuring young women taking on the world and Kat Smith of Everything She Knows is no exception. In the last year of her 20’s decade, Kat has decided to take on the likes of this ultra crazy decade providing candid, real and intimate stories of women around the globe reflecting on this time in their lives and sharing their wisdom and experiences.  By taking this important conversation live, Smith has created a powerful forum where women are integrated into one another’s lives.  Everything She Knows is establishing a community amongst the generations to learn, grow and love one another. Kat reminds us all that we are never alone and support is always within our reach.

And being on the other side of my 20’s (okay 30’s!), it is a kick and a reminder reading all these incredibly honest stories that there is a light when there is suffering. And it is this light that makes us each more beautiful, wiser, and stronger. I feel extremely honored today to contribute my own story to this deeply profound site. After you have finished Kat’s story below, bring your morning coffee along to see me and all the other dynamic women featured by this captivating prodigy!


Congrats on your new blog, tell us who you are and about Everything She Knows?

My name is Kat and I am a writer living in San Francisco. Over the last three years I have run a humor blog and a fashion blog and, while these two…

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