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for Milk Makeup & Marie ClaireNew York City, New YorkPhotos & Story by Lauri LevenfeldMakeup by Jakob Sherwood
Zanna Roberts Rassi has my dream career…actually dream careers. Senior Editor of Marie Claire , E News style correspondent , Project Runway designer’s mentor , Milk makeup co-founder . Rassi has more energy than anyone I have seen and she runs around town with a big smile
on her face shaking up the scene in cross continental states (NYC & LA). Her latest job-to-date and the one she has the absolute most fun with is being mom to her almost 2-year old twins. Here are Zanna’s latest adventures

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 1. What were you like as a child? Who are you today?

I was a chatterer. Inquisitive and nice to my soft toys and imaginary friends. Today I’m a chatterer. Inquisitive and nice to my friends!


2. Describe your life’s work?

To always evolve. Never stand still. I’ve had many careers. Beauty Editor to Fashion Editor of Marie Claire to freelance Stylist to TV host to Milk makeup co-founder. More important than any of these is my role as a mother. That’s my true life’s work.


3. OMG, just back from the Globes…tell us everything!… It’s so fun!! Whilst the awards are on, I’m getting ready in a room upstairs at the Hilton hotel. My assistant Natalie and I are frantically reaching out to friends and contacts who have worked on the hair, makeup, and styling of attending celebs. By the time I’m on air I have some great inside scoop to share with the viewers. It’s hilarious to get in the elevator with Julianne Moore and Gaga chatting.


4. As Senior Fashion Editor of Marie Claire, a column has been dedicated to “Zanna Days”. Tell us about a day in the life.

No two days are the same — I think thats why Anne (my brilliant EIC) asked me to do the page! I will give you last Tuesday as an example!

6.45am –  Wake up to twin 21-month old babies singing mummy and daddy


8.00am – Pilates class


9.30am –  Milk makeup marketing meeting


11.00am –  Marie Claire meeting on upcoming celeb event


1.00pm –  Lunch at desk with Natalie editing collection for an upcoming shoot


2.00pm –  Fiming E! News fashion segment interview with Kendall and Kylie Jenner 


5.00pm –  Home to see my babies


7.00pm – Gallery opening at Milk, then rush to airport


9.30pmFlight to LA to shoot Target commercial

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  5. Name your top three ladies to work with, style,  and why?

  1. Sienna Miller – my friend and super cool style. Open to try anything
  2. Naomi Watts – an elegant, timeless beauty
  3. Emma Roberts – FUN. Beauty. Hilarious.

6. Your wedding pics are some of the most stunning (so much love!), how do you keep the relationship hot with twins and the juggle?

We have fun together. We have nights out and nights in together. Sit at the table, cook a great steak, and level a bottle of vino tinto.


7. What can you teach your children through your work?

A great work ethic, strong morals, and the value of money and relationships.

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 8. Your inner beauty shines, how do you live in the fashion world with no ego?

Ahhh, thanks. I think it’s mainly to do with my upbringing. I’m from Manchester England. My family are super grounded. I was taught the values and morals and respect.


9. Outside of fashion & family, what are your pet projects?

Sleeping is a nice project.

10. Who is your greatest mentor?

My dad. Smart. Driven. Kind. Cheeky.


In celebration of TPFW’s The Power of One, complete this thought- Changing the world begins with you…thinking outside the box.  For more on Zanna, visit my partner-in-crime Juliet Belkin at JOLIEGAZETTE. And hop over to Milk makeup for the best in studio and street glow. So much fun!

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