Lor-e Phillips

StylistLos Angeles, CAStory & Photos by Lauri LevenfeldStyling by Lor-e Phillips
Makeup & Hair by Irmina Martinez Loeffler
If you were a teen in the eighties, life was never the same after Jake Ryan kissed Samantha over a birthday cake in the last scene of Sixteen Candles. And when you meet Lor-e Phillips as well (yes that’s right, there is a hyphen in between the “r” and the “e”), life seems it will never be quite the same. A fun, loving stylist from LA, Phillips has created an iconic career perfecting various decade obsessions, a collection of creepy dolls and fuzzy skateboards while working for her bestie and favorite collaborator Will.i.a.m. It is her zest for life and wide open heart that make people fall in love with Lor-e, and then, her keen eye for detail, vivid imagination, and unique style that make everyone want to work with her. Today we bring to life our modern day twists on some old 80’s favorites including Weird Science, Pretty in Pink, Some Kind of Wonderful, Can’t Buy Me Love, and of course, Sixteen Candles. 

1. Who are you? What were you like as a child?

i‘m still trying to figure that one out myself haha.  As a child I was shy but creative. I stuck close to my mom who taught me to sew and make things.  I would put on fashion shows in my backyard and dress up my dolls and make outfits for them.


2. We obviously have a thing for the 80’s, when did your love of fashion emerge?

I have always loved fashion. When I  was about 6 years old I remember my mom saying I needed to go outside in the sun and play with the other kids, but i just wanted to try on all of my shoes and walk up and down the hallway.  My mom was always dressed up and wore the best clothes in town (literally) so I guess it is natural for me.

As far as my love of the past decades, I guess it goes back to my childhood and most of the films I watched when i was in grade school. The girls were older than me so I looked up to them and wanted to be like them, especially Cindy Mancini (Can’t Buy Me Love) and Mercedes Lane (Licensed to Drive) so it’s a bit reminiscent I guess..


3. When did you and get together?

We first met when we were teenagers and became fast friends, he was attending FIDM at the time and he would come over and we would play with clothes together and come up with ideas.Shortly after that, he signed with Easy E’s record label and he didn’t have as much time for fashion,  so he did the music side of things and I’ve lead up the fashion side (at his company) ever since.


4. Describe a day in the life on the job.

Always changing, depending on the day,… mostly it’s overseeing my team that consists of talented individuals that are garment technologists and pattern makers as well as stylists. Currently we are working on a new activewear collection so it keeps us busy, along with the press, commercials, interviews and videos that Will lines up.


5. What makes you most joyous?




french fries

creepy dolls

playing with clothes


treasure hunting


6. What do you love most about LA?

You can run into anyone at any moment. I recently saw Wayne Knight who played Newman on Seinfeld and I fanned out on him. Then I saw Rob Lowe at Starbucks, but I was too scared to talk to him so I just stared at him like a dork.

7. Where do you get your inspiration?

Anywhere! Literally I may ‘think” I see something then at second look it isn’t what Ii thought it was but it triggers an idea. For example, I thought I saw a fur skateboard (but it obviously wasn’t),  then i was like hmmmmmm and started a line of faux fur skateboards.


8. Who do you most dream of styling?

Wow, great question! Marilyn Manson is so dope. My friend has been his stylist for awhile and i’m so jelly of that one, but sometimes he calls me to help and  I get super excited.


9. You’ve done a lot to give back to kids, tell us more about your hats and helping to make cancer patients a little happier.

I started my fashion line with faux fur handbags, and then, branched out to hats which were worn by the Black Eyed Peas. The success made me want to give back and after going with my friend to visit the child-

ren in the cancer wing of the hospital, I realized how I could help. The kids expressed how they didn’t feel pretty or great about their appearance, but didn’t love the idea of wigs so I started making hats and passing them out at every opportunity I got. I loved seeing their faces light up and it was evident they felt better inside because they felt better outside. 


10. What’s on your bucket list?

To recreate more fun things from the past.

To get into writing and directing more.

To open a vintage shop.


11. What’s next for Lor-e?

I want to have more adventures and help more people be all that they can be :)


Special thanks to… 

Assistant: Tiffany Marie

Models:  Christopher Bruno as Blane, Mikey Grand as Keith and Ronald Miller, and George Contreras as Jake Ryan.  

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