Cara Santana

Actress & Founder of the Glam AppWest Hollywood, CAStory & Photography by Lauri LevenfeldMakeup by Ashley Schaeffer & Hair by Taary Moy of The Glam App
I am not one for using the term “fierce” but when you talk about Cara Santana, the word perfectly describes this self-made actress, entrepreneur and beauty expert. An actress by trade, Santana has used her industry smarts to cater to the Hollywood world and beyond through creative business centered around necessity and dreaming in all aspects of fashion and glam. And with her blog CaraDisclothed, Cara boldly uses her persona and messaging to stand up for women (#imwithher) and girls everywhere (see her recent note to Vogue), acting as a strong female model to all around her. With a Netflix series in the can (co-starring Drew Barrymore) for early 2017, we should see a whole lot more of this lady soon.  
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1. Who are you? What were you like as a child?

As a child I was always very strong-willed, but innately insecure. I marched to the beat of my own drum and loved to learn things for myself. I was very sensitive and empathetic. I loved to be social, however, really enjoyed solitude and independence. I was interested in both arts and academia. I found myself being very creative, but also interested in school. I was hard to pinpoint and fit into a box.


2. Describe your life’s work.

I always knew I wanted to be an actress. Everything in my life was a direct result of that dream. From boarding school to the performing arts, to moving to LA at 15, I always knew what I wanted to do. I loved writing, creating and entertaining. Naturally, my blog CaraDisclothed was a direct result of my love of creating characters and diving into the aesthetics of the way a person looks and how style and appearance

defines us. Then came The Glam App. The “Uber” for beauty was conceived with the desire to bring luxury on demand beauty, to every woman, everywhere. I wanted all women to experience the ability to feel like a red carpet movie star. Similarly, creating an opportunity for a stylist to expand their brand and build their clientele, as an artist this is important to me too.


3. What is your process in taking an idea and turning into a business?

Willingness. The only thing that separates someone from having an idea and creating a business is a willingness to put forth the action.


4. What has been your biggest a-ha moment?

I’m still waiting for it. Every day I learn something new, am challenged, have my mind opened and I hope it never stops.

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5. How have you used your celebrity and fashion blog as a vehicle for social commentary?)

Being able to utilize your voice and have a dialogue with interested participants is really what is important to me. I’m always interested in hearing what people think, engaging in conversation and keeping communication between women open.

I am super honored to be joining Maybelline and Glamour Magazine this week in Washington to promote bringing education to young girls everywhere and to sparking a  a global conversation led by Michelle Obama and yesterday’s International Day of the Girl


6. What does this election mean to you?

It is so fundamentally important, not just as a woman, but as an American. We are at an interesting crossroads and there is a lot of

social conflict and upheaval. We need to bridge the gap between so many different social communities and end the divisiveness that is saturating our country right now.


7. Name some of your latest obsessions.

Miu Miu ballet flats, rose buds lip salve, and my mofi.


8. In my offshoot The Project for Girls, I have tween / teen contributors writing to their peers about relevant topics – if you could write to your teenage self, what would you say to her?

Don’t sweat the small stuff. I think as a young girl I was anxiety-ridden by almost everything. In the end, kindness and compassion is the only thing that matters. 

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9. Congrats on your recent engagement. What’s your definition of love?

It’s undefinable. It’s an intangible, yet palpable feeling, put into action.

10. What’s next for Cara?

Who knows? I’m 31… there is so much I want to accomplish. Write and produce a movie, get married, be a mother, expand my company, continue to challenge myself in the acting world, travel, live and learn!

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