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Is “balance” what we really want?


As a wife, mom, and entrepreneur I’m surrounded by resources constantly insisting I achieve balance. If I want to live the good life then it’s imperative I figure out how to balance it all. Really?

I’ve spent a long time contemplating the concept of “balance” and I’m not so sure I want to sign up for making this my priority. Inherent in the concept is sacrifice and compromise. The archetypal image of a scale proves it all: for balance to work, something has to give.  This feels ho-hum and like too much work.


Wouldn’t you agree that we work too hard and enjoy too much to give up any of it? I’m of the camp that we can have it all. Yes! Really. Truly. We can have it all. No need to sacrifice anything to be devoted to something else.

It’s entirely possible and here’s why: All that exists is right now. All that I am is who I be, right now. The past is gone and the future is an idea, reality is only in the present moment.

In this moment, I can choose to think, say, and do exactly as I want. The sum total of my many roles make me me, but I believe that it’s the melding of all of them that makes me happy – not some idea that I’m “balancing” these roles like a juggler on a tightrope.

I love that I’m a full-time mom… immersed in a coaching and speaking career. I love that I can marvel at the incredible company of my friends… while in the middle of a silent retreat. I love that I am super-duper health nut… indulging in lavish food experiences regularly.

I don’t have to balance my personalities by relinquishing one role for another, and I don’t have to find moderation on any side of the scale if I get immense pleasure from the extremes. Why not immerse myself in complete abandon to whatever my heart is inspired to? In each moment, I’m present to what my attention is on and I call upon all aspects of me to play it out. Sure, anyone can argue that by doing this, I’m actually balancing my life by engaging in whatever parts of me get activated – that my full range of experience and roles are a balancing act in and of itself. I argue that while it could be looked at that way, I firmly choose not to.

My life isn’t a balancing act. I refuse to sacrifice anything on my symbolic scale. Having it all feels full, rich, engaged, and completely uncompromised. So rather than spending energy trying to figure out what’s gonna have to give, I affirm that I have it all in every moment.

Because, quite frankly, it’s just more fun that way.


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