Merriman Mathewson

FundraiserPhotography & Story by Lauri Levenfeld

I enlisted one of my fave friends and fashionistas Merriman Mathewson to reveal the essentials for Spring and model the current must-haves. Running around constantly shuttling three boys, Merriman is always dressed perfectly urban-chic. With the help of stylist Mary Gonsalves Kinney of Style Army and retail darling Elizabeth Charles, TMP is all about the Best of Spring. And you will love the story of Merriman, a mom dedicated to her amazing family and a list of incredible causes.


I am a New Orleanian who has embraced San Francisco. I am a mother to three boys who I am trying to impart my love for both places, as well as, raise to be gentlemen with an appreciation for art, music, literature, culture, and spending time outdoors. But manners and not missing the toilet would be a nice start! I love good food, wine, live music (in smaller venues)…and spending time with my husband Eric and friends doing all of the aforementioned.

I spend time volunteering with For the Bayou which is a Bay Area-based non-profit 503c which raises funds to restore the eroding wetlands of the Gulf Coast (we lose a football field of wetlands every 30 minutes!) and provides humanitarian aid in event of a disaster. 

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