Melissa Kieling

Founder of PackitWESTLAKE, CAPhotography by Lauri LevenfeldStory by Lauri Levenfeld

Melissa is truly the mom story you hear about on Oprah and the success story we have all dreamed of. A mom dedicated to providing healthy and safe lunches for her kids, Melissa invented PackIt one day in her kitchen out of necessity. And five years later, her company is a multi-million dollar success. And not only that, Melissa is the sweetest person, whip smart, and a do-it-or-die mom. PackIt came at a crucial time for her family, and Melissa’s drive and work ethic made the company into what it is today, while giving her family stability and security. From the moment we sat down, I knew I would have a friend in Melissa for life. She’s that kind of gal. And I am proud and honored that she chose Style Army to help style and photograph the latest PackIt campaign.


I grew up in a very small town in Iowa. I went to high school with pretty much the same 82 kids I started kindergarten with. My first job was in my grandfather’s fields at age 12. At age 92, my grandparents still live on the farm. We celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary a couple of years ago and my grandfather says he knew the first day of kindergarten he would marry my grandmother.

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