Lauri Levenfeld

Editor's NoteSan Francisco, CAPhotography by Andrea Posadas

Hi All,

After a year of having so many ideas swirling around in my head, I am excited to be launching our new site The Womens Project and our adjoining business THE PROJECT – two businesses that marry everything I have set out to do since TMP’s conception. 

First off, it makes me very happy to broaden the spectrum of The Moms Project into the new overall site The Womens Project. We will not leave out moms in any capacity, as they will still have their dedicated page and stories that are relevant to moms and others. But the site will broaden to create a more diverse and even more dimensional scope, including all women in all areas of interest, inspiration, and achievement.

By broadening the focus, we are allowed the opportunity to build a bigger and more supportive community for our readers and the women who participate in this site. Our newest section being dedicated to a younger generation who inspire called The Prodigy. You will not believe the individuals, the stories and the successes- at such a young age!

The site will now include retail, along with its current stories, inspiration and resources. And readers will have the opportunity to be conscious consumers- turning a percentage of each buy into direct support of another woman in the community.

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