Kimberly Bakker

Event PlannerPhotography by Lauri LevenfeldStory by Lauri Levenfeld

Every time I see Kimberly Bakker, I am inspired. First I scan her head to toe to see the fashion must-haves. Then as we walk into the house and she begins her stories of recent past, I race for my phone to jot down notes of the latest and best in everything…fashion-check, home-check,  decor-check…beauty, food, wine, kids, books, the who’s who and the what’s what. Kimberly is the 411 on everything in-the-know. And she’s an open book on everything she’s got. As Kimberly glides through the kitchen to offer me tea and treats from her favorite local gem Comforts Cafe, I again fall in love with this beautiful, fascinating, and amazing woman.

I’m Kimberly…I am foremost a mother, to my beloved daughter, Quinlan “Quinn” Antoinette Bakker, named after my dearly departed father, Robert Quinlan Jr. of Ross and San Francisco, my adored and departed brother Anton, very present mother and stepfather, Kaylea and Peter Bakker. My family came to California from Missouri (via Virginia) in 1848 as documented by the Society of California Pioneers on a plaque that proudly hangs in my home.  My great, great grandfather, Coleman Walker Graves was once the Assistant District Attorney of San Francisco and ran against Adolph Sutro for Mayor in 1894. A fact not lost on me when I went to work at City Hall in 2005.

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