Jovina & Joys Annika G. David

Sisters & Pre-Med StudentsMalibu, CAStory & Photos by Lauri Levenfeld

When we received the submission of Jovina David for TPFG Super Girl Contest last December, we were astounded. Not only were her academic achievements unheard of (attending university at 13), but it was her big-picture concepts, her desire to change the world, and her empathy and compassion for others. And then her sister came along, Joys Annika G. David, who just like her big sis was enrolled in college (at 11 years old) and who looked at the world as her ever-evolving canvas, one which she could shape her passions and ambitions into goals not many would dream of. What we find striking about the two is their ability to dream big, try new things and go outside of their comfort zone. To choose to live life differently than what is paved before them…and to choose to do this side by side together as sisters and best friends.

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