Jocelyn Woods

Los Angeles, CAStory & Photography by Lauri LevenfeldRetail by Izzy Be

In April 2017 Jocelyn Woods appeared on the stage at the RDMA’s I was attending with my daughter Harley and I was immediately captivated. Jocelyn’s story tugged at my heart, a childhood which began complicated yet bloomed into a life prospered by love and inspiration. At five years old, Woods entered the doors to the Boys and Girls Club of Silicon Valley, and suddenly, she felt safe, secure and supported to try new things, develop new skills, educate

and wonder. And through her many successes along the way, Woods became a believer and a leader paving the way for others.  With a full ride to USC and the honor of National Youth of the Year in her pocket, it is now Woods lifetime goal to make education, more specifically the college process, easy and accessible to others, especially those from impoverished backgrounds (like herself) who need a little more encouragement and support along the way.   



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