Jessica Hanson

Perricone MDSan Francisco, CAStory & Photos by Lauri Levenfeld

It seems we are all relentlessly on the quest to find a product, a plan, or a path to looking and feeling Forever Young. For Jessica Hanson the path has always been pretty clear; follow your heart and your passions and they will inevitably lead you to living an authentic life,  resulting in a joyful manifestation that shows up internally and externally as beauty and light. And while all that is true, it doesn’t hurt to have the best products to supplement diet and wellness on your path to eternal beauty. What started as a young enthusiasm and curiosity around makeup became a lifelong career in science and artistry. And while Jessica has worked for the biggest brands in beauty she has now found

her home with a company whom resounds in the same principles and philosophies as she. As Chief Marketing & Sales Officer for Perricone MD, Hanson’s latest gig centers around treating the internal to best affect the external and in Jessica’s life as a mom of two, showing up healthy and energetic lets her follow her heart, pursue her passions and achieve her goals independently and for her family.  With her wealth of knowledge in all the best ingredients and product, Jessica lends her advice to you today on where you should best spend your money and efforts.

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