Faith Wheeler

CreatorPhotography & Story by Lauri Levenfeld

I have always loved Faith. Each interaction is more than inspiring, and always life-evolving. Her visual sense and cerebral connection to a person, place, or thing is always exceptional and extraordinary. She relishes in her experiences and celebrates every moment. Her joie de vivre attitude comes through in everything she is, does, and touches. And her philosophy of life as art and art as life shines through day-to-day in her work for Jaded Palate Productions, in her home, style, and family. I see how Faith has raised her beautiful daughters to be thoughtful, creative, and independent young woman and how their incredible bonds have only grown over the years. It makes me believe and have hope for the future relationship with my daughter Harley. This is the magic of Faith.

I’m Faith…I’m a third generation NYer who settled in San Francisco in 1987 with a sign posted the window of my VW Rabbit: California or Bust! I moved here because it was the most beautiful place I had ever seen and didn’t understand why everyone I knew found me impulsive to quit a high powered marketing job to come jobless, homeless and friendless. Everything has worked out just fine.

I started at Ogilvy and Mather when David Ogilvy still made cameo appearances to teach my training program. I started in advertising, moved into marketing and public relations for restaurants, hotels, wineries and lifestyle brands and have grown into producing video content for my new company, Jaded Palate Productions.

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