Ellice Condon: Tips for Redesigning A Home

Interior DesignerSan Francisco, CAPhotos & story by Lauri Levenfeld

In the case of interior designer Ellice Condon of Velvet & Green, her client’s home redesign happened to be the hidden treasure The Albion Castle, a 145-year-old castle with underground caves located in San Francisco’s Hunters Point neighborhood.

Even with a property so magnificent and daunting,  Condon describes a doable approach and easy tips which can be applied to a home of any size and structure,  each suggestion guiding you to create your own personal masterpiece-one that is fit for a queen. And has left this castle a cozy, dreamy winter oasis.  

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Ellice Condon: How to curate a room

Photography by Lauri Levenfeld

I am always in awe of those who can look at an empty room and immediately fill it (in their minds) with the perfect decor-intricately painted walls, the floors dressed with chic carpet, and the best in furniture selected and placed. Or the other person who goes to the flea market or bargain store and immediately finds the hidden gem. Ellice Condon of Velvet & Green not only finds her deepest inspiration in a blank slate-four empty walls, but she can also can strip down a 140-year old castle to its authentic being-glorifying its original detail and character, while restoring its whimsical presence with fresh ideas and modernity. We hunkered down at one of Condon’s latest projects- her beautiful, yet masculine chic apartment to talk life as a designer and how to become a curator of pretty things.

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