Corey McCarthy

MarketingPhotography & Story by Lauri Levenfeld

I met Corey McCarthy years ago on the streets of San Francisco walking our beloved pups. I was always struck by the positivity, her inner confidence and strength, and her excitement and energy. Her knowledge of travel, food, and fashion kept and always keep me well informed from city to city, and her individual sense, passion for work, and commitment and love for her family keep me inspired and respecting. Corey is real about the juggles in life and she is open about how she pursues them in a elegant, but real manner. January celebrates the entrepreneur at TMP and Corey is a shining example.

I’m Corey…I am a loving mother who can’t get enough of her sweet little girl.  I am laid back, fun loving and loyal friend that is always ready to lend a helping hand or be a partner in crime.  I am an entrepreneur who is continually evolving.  My deepest secrets: I love hip hop and am a sucker for a good pun…ok any pun.

My career kicked-off in the world of magazine publishing and evolved into digital publishing.  My friends always thought I had a glamorous career because I was on the road non-stop visiting big clients in “fabulous” cities, and eating at all the top restaurants.  There was a time when I could give better recommendations on places to eat in New York than where I lived in San Francisco.  The truth was that there aren’t enough glasses of wine to make that much travel glamorous.  When I was back in San Francisco all I wanted to do was sit on the couch and order in.  But hey, I was living the dream.  

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