Claudia Castillo Ross

Public Relations

I will never forget the first time I photographed Claudia for San Francisco Fashion Week. I was completely taken by her, her sense of style, home decor, and her passion for work, travel and mostly family. Firecracker is an understatement. Over the years I have gotten to know Claudia better. I am continually amazed by all her amazing things, but I have also enjoyed seeing what a sweetheart Claudia is and how loyal and attentive she is to her family and friends. TMP spent the day with Claudia dressing for many the occasion, while she gave us her savvy tips on entertaining luxuriously while staying budget conscious.

I’m Claudia…I am Claudia Castillo Ross. Mother, Wife, PR Maven, Entrepreneur, Winemaker, Tastemaker.

As a working mom my life’s goal is to be balanced, happy and create an environment where my children can thrive and be their personal best. For work, I help build brands for my clients while also creating products which I believe and have a personal interest.  It is imperative that I find balance not only in everyday tasks but when approaching life’s greatest achievements.  

As an entrepreneur, I look to create.  I have a thriving pr business called Cross Marketing PR.  I am a partner in a branding company called House of Tres, Co-Founder of a Children’s snack food brand called Pipsqueaks, Co-Founder of our wine label, Double R Family Wines and a partner in a skincare company called ReVitalistic Skincare with Vanessa Williams.

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