Clare Noelle

Black BeltPhoenix, ArizonaStory & Photos by Lauri Levenfeld

As teens,  there are inevitably awkward and uncomfortable times where we question who we are. And times when friends and others confront us to follow the pack and share their views. But what do you do when your passions tell you to follow a different path, to lead with your heart rather than by what you peers think? For Clare Noelle, a martial arts expert growing up in Phoenix, Arizona, she too has not been immune to the taunting and bullying of others. Yet through the mastering of her craft, she has gained confidence to stand up for what she believes, as well as compassion, understanding, and respect for others and their opinions. Noelle chooses to concentrate her energies on positivity and building her dreams, rather than on negativity and excluding others. One of her biggest goals to surround herself by super girls, those who lift her up and empower her even more. Today, she shares a bit on how she stays true to herself and offers up ways we can all benefit from social media (one of her fave ways to share & communicate) by protecting ourselves, creating community, and staying supportive and positive for all girls. 

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