A Girl & Her Bump with Chriselle Lim

Photography by Karen Rosalie

Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger Chriselle Lim of The Chriselle Factor has welcomed her fans open-armed to be a part of her pregnancy allowing them to see every stage. She created the series Dressing The Bump to document the different outfits she wears on a daily basis as her belly grows. And one thing is for sure, Chriselle hasn’t let the bump take away from her desire to be fashionable and chic. It is also heartwarming how Chriselle has continued to be an open book on something as intimate and personal. She shares and exudes all the wonderful beauties of pregnancy.  “I think my style has remained the same since my pregnancy, but I’ve had to make some adjustments here and there. I’ve become more creative with my outfits since the majority of things don’t fit anymore. I admit that as your belly & body grow, the last thing you really want to do is get dressed and look chic. But I feel a responsibility to always do so  (especially during this time of…

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Chriselle Lim

Founder of The Chriselle FactorLos Angeles, CAStory by Lauri LevenfeldPhotography by Karen Rosalie

Following suit with her team member Lauren Fong and our last mom-to-be, Chriselle Lim of The Chriselle Factor has made pregnancy look chic and amazing. She shares her latest styles today on Style Me Pretty; while we get the juicy behind- the-scenes talk on how Chriselle quickly grew her blogging business to incredible heights and why her positive, authentic spirit and her attention to high quality has led her to become one of the most loved and valued fashion bloggers.


My name is Chriselle Lim. I am a stylist, editor, and the founder of The Chriselle Factor. There were a lot of growing pains and ups and downs as I started to pave my own path as an entrepreneur. I started my blog/ channel four years ago as a creative outlet for me to share my passions around fashion. As things started to take off,  I realized quite quickly that I could make a business out of what I was creating. And although I have always felt I was more creative than business oriented, over the past few years this has changed as I continually learn needed skills to grow my business.

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