Amy Moy

VP Public Affairs at California Family Health CouncilSan Francisco, CAPhotography by Lauri LevenfeldStory by Lauri Levenfeld

I am so glad I met my dear friend Amy. Not only is she an amazing friend with the dearest heart, she is a patient and loving teacher and an advocate with a force- to-be-reckon passion for protecting, honoring and saving women’s rights for all of us.  As a mom, Amy has always been a great resource for me when diving into more complicated topics of parenting. And with October marked as Let’s Talk Month-we decided to hone in on all the goodies and create a template that us parents can refer to when approached with “the sex talk” and more…


I think like many women I know and love, I am what I’ve made out of what I’m made of. We are all shaped by our experiences and family backgrounds in some way.  I’ve tried my best to honor and respect where I come from while also taking full license to create my own story and journey as a woman, a wife and mother. I also do my best to live an intentional, open and active life that feels true and good and more helpful than harmful.

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