Allegra O’Brien

The DiplomatBelvedere, CAPhotos & Story by Lauri LevenfeldStyling by Katja O’Brien
Makeup & Hair by Veronica Fensel

For Allegra O’Brien, traveling with her family throughout her childhood gave her the unique opportunity and insight into many different cultures, people, and ways of the world. This understanding has shaped the person she is today and has cultivated a deep compassion and desire to connect with others. Rather than be tied to the typical teenage occupations, Allegra works hard to

navigate a path built of authenticity, discovery, and passion. O’Brien is the first to admit she hasn’t necessarily found her ultimate live-or-die “thing”, but meanwhile, she’s putting her energy into staying open and participating in all that she loves. We have to admit, even if her journey is still unfolding, what Allegra has gained thus far is proving to be quite enlightened and special.  

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