Khuyen Do

Fashion Intern + College StudentPhotography by Andrea PosadasStory by Andrea Posadas

For many of us, finding a path to our passions can be a windy and sometimes unclear road. While it is normal to change the course by trial and error as we grow and learn about ourselves, many times the answers to who we are and where we are suppose to be are evident from a young age and if we stop to see ourselves authentically, these answers are clearly mapped out from the beginning. Khuyen Do had all the makings of a fashion maven from the beginning, and as she has learned to tap into her natural talents and vision, her purpose became more clear and her opportunities more abundant. The journey of this soon-to-be college graduate is just the beginning…


My name is Khuyen Do and I’m about to try my hand at freelancing as I transition from interning to taking on a real career in the fashion industry. This is all happening while I  finish up my last semester of…

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